CapCut APK v12.0.0 [Premium Unlocked] June 2024

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Download the Latest Version of the Capcut Pro APK (No watermark or Premium)

When we want to start video editing for our personal or professional purposes, we get trapped and leave. Because different types of software come to mind that are costly and difficult, don’t worry, as Capcut Mod Apk is the solution to these types of worries. You can download it free of charge and get your desired results. The best thing about this app is that it is very easy to use. A newcomer can use it effectively without hesitation. 

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What is Capcut Pro Apk?

Capcut Mod Apk is a modified version of Capcut. It means 3rd party developers develop it to add some more extra features; this is why it is called a modded version. Capcut is a product of the well-known Chinese IT company Bytedance. It is officially free to use. It blends well with TikTok through proper teamwork.

The Capcut Pro version provides the latest premium features free of charge. Users can modify short videos according to their preferences. Users can utilize Capcut mod versions to enhance their old videos without any watermark issues, making them more captivating. 

Download Capcut Mod APK latest version

CapCut App stands out as a highly useful video editing software, thanks to its distinctive features. Newbies can perform their video editing tasks without any worries, as it is very easy to use and powerful. Users can use it to make their videos look professional. Capcut Mod Apk has a very good rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store and 8.33 million+ downloads.

Information Table

App NameCapcut Mod Apk
PublisherMod apk
CategoryVideo Player and Editors
size246 MB
versionv12.0.0 Latest
Mod FeaturePremium Unlocked Free
PriceFree of Cost
UpdatesJun 3,  2024
RequiresAndroid 5.0 or Above
Source Information: Google Play Store

How to download Capcut Mod APK

How to get Capcut Mod APK for Android Phone

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Why Capcut Mod Apk?

Nowadays, users seek tools that prioritize privacy and unlock features quickly and free of charge. capcut pro apk uses smart AI and computer vision. The AI detects faces & objects, suggesting the best filter for easier editing. This video editor is full of premium features that fulfill the user’s requirements. It is a very handy tool because it allows non-experienced users to make their videos look like those of professional users. 

I’m using CapCut Mod APK myself, and I prefer it over the original CapCut app because it offers improved features, no ads, and it’s free of charge. Besides this, the Original Capcut app has limited features. 

Users can edit their videos for personal use, even professional videos. Over time, Capcut has introduced numerous new versions, incorporating the latest features and updates. When we discuss mod APK versions, third-party developers create them to unlock premium features without requiring payment for subscription access. Users can use the latest templates, glitch effects, and many more free premium features of this app. This is why a Capcut Mod Apk is highly suggested.

Pro Features of Capcut Mod APK

For Android

CapCut Pro boasts one of its most advantageous features—easy accessibility on Android devices. Users can seamlessly utilize this application on their Android phones, specifically those running version 5 (Lollipop) or higher. The application delivers an exceptional experience with higher Android versions, although a minimum of Android 5.0 is necessary for optimal CapCut functionality.

 No Watermark

Many of us find the presence of watermarks on videos or images quite disheartening, as it associates our cherished memories with external branding. The Pro version of CapCut Mod APK, unlike the standard version, is watermark-free. Downloading capcut pro apk ensures access to the latest premium version, offers videos without any watermarks, and preserves the purity of your content.

 Free of any Lagging

CapCut Pro offers an exceptionally smooth user experience, ensuring there is no lagging during project editing. Unlike many video editing applications on the market that suffer from performance issues, CapCut Pro stands out for its seamless operation. Lagging, which often contributes to a subpar user experience, is completely absent. Users can effortlessly edit and merge two videos without encountering any technical glitches. This results in smooth and worry-free usage, allowing users to enjoy the process of creating their projects without the frustration of lagging issues.

Bugs Free

The Pro version of this app stands out for being error-free, creating a bug-free environment for users. Additionally, users can edit their videos smoothly without any concerns about lagging. Unlike other video editing software, CapCut doesn’t introduce any lagging issues when combining or editing two videos. This ensures users enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience, free from the frustration of technical glitches.

No Subscription

The CapCut Pro Version doesn’t require any subscription; it offers users an exclusive membership completely free of charge. This is a significant advantage for users who can access and utilize this fantastic video editing software without any cost. While there are various premium video editing software options available, none can be equated with the latest pro version of CapCut Mod APK, which stands out as a free and exceptional choice.

 Background Removal

On this platform, you can remove the background from your video. The 2024 version of Capcut offers a variety of stunning and truly amazing background effects. You can customize your video by incorporating a background of your preference. Additionally, you now have the option to save your video in 4K resolution, specifically 2160p at 30 fps. Furthermore, the flexibility to adjust the video ratio according to different social media platforms is available, with ratios like 16:9 for YouTube videos, 9:16 for TikTok videos, and 1:1 for Instagram videos.

Glitch Effect

The glitch is the video editing filter in Capcut, not the problem. As you can see in the past, when we watched films using VCRs, the colors were messed up in the video or picture. I am providing you with a video tutorial that is helpful to understand it better.

Glitch Effect Video

Cap Cut Pro Unlocked Features

  • Easily accessible video editing tools that ensure simplicity and user-friendliness.
  • Access to premium effects and customizable options without any restrictions.
  • Consistent preservation of video resolution throughout the editing process.
  • An abundant selection of captivating effects to enhance your video content.
  • Ensures the delivery of high-quality video output.
  • Intuitive and straightforward utilization of keyframe functionality for easy animation adjustments.

Convert Text to Speech

Capcut Pro Mod APK introduces a fascinating feature where adding text to your video allows you to transform that text into speech. With various speech versions available in both male and female voices, users can choose based on their preferences. This functionality allows for the transformation of text into a neatly structured speech format. In the latest version of Capcut Mod Apk, there’s another remarkable feature. Now, you can effortlessly convert speech into text within your video using this cutting-edge capability. This amazing feature not only enhances efficiency but also saves time for users by swiftly converting spoken words into written text.

How to Use Key Frame Animation

Step 1: Pick the video clip you want to jazz up with a cool zoom-in effect.

Step 2: Adjust how long the video clip lasts by playing around with the Keyframe icon.

Step 3: Make the zoom-in effect just right by marking keyframe points at the beginning and end of the clip.

There you go! You’ve just made a snazzy zooming animation using the awesome keyframe feature.

Smooth, Slow – Motion Effect

Key Frame Animation 2

Slow-mo Effect is like the buddy of Slow-motion Video Effect in CapCut, a trick that makes your video move in slow motion during editing.The seamless slow-motion effect enhances the intricacies of a regular video clip. Now, the key question is: How can we create a slow-motion clip using the slow-motion effect in CapCut?? 

How do I use the smooth, slow-motion effect?

Step 1: Start by opening a new project in CapCut

Step 2: Select a video from your gallery that you want to slow-mo.

Step 3: Before anything else, mute the video so you don’t hear any sound during the slow-mo.

Step 4: Utilize the Split Menu to trim the portion of the video you intend to slow-mo.

Step 5: Select additional segments of the video if you wish to extend the slow-motion effect.

Step 5: Click on the speed menu for the cut video part.

Step 6: There are two options for slow motion: normal and curve. Normal is easier than a curve.

Step 7: Fine-tune the speed by shifting the speed point to the left to decrease the video’s pace.

Step 8: Save the slow-motion video to your phone’s gallery, and you’re done! Go ahead and share it with your friends on different social media platforms.


Have you ever wondered how to turn your shaky videos into smooth, professional-looking clips? If the idea of stabilizing your videos in CapCut has been lingering in your thoughts, here’s some good news

Keyframe Animation 1

How to Make Shaky Videos Stable?

Step 1: Start a fresh project and select a video that’s a bit shaky and needs stabilization.

Step 2: Hit “add,” locate the shaky video in the timeline, and head to the toolbar to opt for the stabilization feature.

Step 3: Adjust the stabilization level to the recommended setting, and then click the check mark.

Here it is!! Your video is now steady and stable. Stabilizing a video is a breeze!

System Requirements for Capcut

Android5.0 or above
Operating SystemWindows 07/08/10/11 version or greater Mac OS X 10.11
Graphics Processing Unit02 GB GPU VRAM
Graphics CardNVIDIA GT 630m/AMD Radeon HD 6570
System Requirements for the Use of Capcut

Installation Instructions for Capcut Mod APK

In this section, I will tell you how to complete the whole procedure of installing the latest version of Capcut Mod APK. It is very easy and simple. You can easily follow the following steps:

  1. Download the CapCut Mod APK without the watermark on the updated version of CapCut APK Premium unlocked from
  2. Click on the download button.
  3. Rename the file and choose the path you want to download on your system.
  4. After downloading, click on the install button, and wait until the installation is complete.
  5. Now, the CapCut APK has been downloaded. 
  6. After downloading the APK, click on Done and open CapCut.
  7. Finally, you have CapCut, the more powerful and handy video editing app.
installation process of Capcut Mod Apk

Comparison between Capcut and Capcut Mod APK

FeaturesCapcut APKCapcut Mod APK
Editing ToolFundamentals and AdvancesBasic and select Premium
UX/UI User InterfaceUser FriendlyUser Friendly
Export QualityUp to 1080PUp to 4k 60fps
Extraction Audio from a VideoYesYes
multi-languages supportedSupportedSupported
Comparison between Capcut APK and Capcut Mod APK


  • Easy to Use
  • Support XML Files
  • Premium Features
  • Support with multiple devices
  • safe and secure
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • A limited Selection of Fonts
  • You can edit 15-minute video only

Frequently Asked Questions

Safe for your system, and each feature is free from any potential harm.

You can edit your videos offline by utilizing the downloaded mod APK version of CapCut, and it doesn’t require any Wi-Fi or internet connection.

The newest CapCut version is a completely free, all-in-one video editor app. Feel free to download and use it without any concerns.


CapCut Mod APK is a high-tech video editor with cool features. Explore its timeline and chroma key functions for impressive video collages. Merge clips, add text, and include music easily. It’s the next generation of video editing. Download the app from our website [] for an enhanced experience. If you found our site valuable, share it with your community